Tuesday Jan 19


Presidents’ Address to Umu MbieriPresidents’ Address to Umu Mbieri

- Greetings my people! As you may recall, I wrote to you two weeks after I was elected the President of Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA in Oakland California in July 2010. Then, I promised you will be hearing from me soon and quite often about Mbieri affairs. 

I’m delighted to write to you again at a time I believe is momentous for all of our people at home and abroad. We have just witnessed a successful general election in Nigeria that the rest of the world saw as the best in modern African experience. At the state level, that election was a victory for the people of Imo State and for Mbieri in particular. Because our peoples’ vote mattered, the election did put Mbieri and Mbaitoli Local Government Area on the world stage. People who didn’t know about us in Nigeria are now learning who we are. Following, Mbieri people declared May 27, 2011 as fasting and prayer day for the new Governor, Chief Rochas Okorocha and his Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Duruiheoma who is nwa Mbieri. I am happy to inform you that Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA (MNUSA), your National Organization, in collaboration with our leadership in Mbieri, also sent a message of congratulation to Governor Okorocha on your behalf. We prayed that God grant the new governor and his administration the strength and wisdom to rightly serve the people of our great State.
I received word few days ago that the government has started work on the roads leading to Mbieri. This is really, good news to celebrate. However, while we remain optimistic about the government, our future lies in our hands. Therefore, we must carry on with the business of transforming our community. To accomplish this, and this is the central point of my message, we need all hands on deck. Point blank, I am soliciting for your ideas, your talents, and your resources. First, let me briefly outline what we have been doing in the past one year since my administration took over the leadership of our national organization.

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