Tuesday Jan 19


Prof. Martin O. OkaforProf. Martin O. Okafor

- On behalf of the National Executive Council and the National Advisory Board of Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA Inc., it is with great joy that I welcome all of you to this 2008 Mbieri National Convention in Dallas, Texas, on July 5, 2008. 

As the theme of this bi-annual convention “Modernization of Mbieri Community Hospital” indicates, our primary objective is to promote, advocate and facilitate a unified collective vision for the economic development of Mbieri and the enhancement of the lives of all Mbieri people. Our organization has demonstrated unflinching commitment to our guiding principle to coordinate and harness the collective efforts and resources of Umu Mbieri in the USA, and elsewhere in the Diaspora, in order to address the problems facing our people in Mbieri.

Let me seize this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all our Mbieri people for the wonderful opportunity that I have thoroughly cherished to serve our people. I am sincerely grateful to all the members of the National Executive Council and the National Advisory Board of our national organization for their sustained focus and dedication to the service of Mbieri. I salute all of you. The collective, impeccable and unequivocal support that we have received has been a tremendous source of energy and satisfaction in serving our Mbieri people.

Through your financial support, we installed the 60-KVA electric power generator at the Mbieri Hospital in 2005. Since 2006, we have successfully constructed over two-thirds of a six-foot-high concrete wall around the hospital, and installed a borehole water supply system, with high-capacity overhead tanks at the hospital. As you read this message, I can confirm that we now have active pipe-borne water supply inside and outside the hospital buildings. In January 2007, we successfully convened the “2007 Mbieri Forum” of all Mbieri stakeholders at Orie-Mbieri – the first ever post civil war Mbieri town-hall meeting!
At this 6th Mbieri National Convention in the great city of Dallas, Texas, let us continue to dedicate ourselves to our collective vision, shared sacrifice, and unwavering commitment. Let our hospital and healthcare objectives remain our project centerpiece for building a permanent infrastructure for the sustained economic development of Mbieri. However, we still have a lot to do. We must take all necessary actions to conserve and sustain any accomplishments. We must guard against negative trends that threaten to unravel the fabric of our Mbieri community such as the potentially-severe impact of oil prospecting in Mbieri and the rapid urbanization and urban encroachment on our Mbieri villages. 
As we elect a new administration to continue our service to Mbieri during this 2008 convention in Dallas TX, I humbly pray that that our Almighty God grant the new leaders such strength, courage, and wisdom to lead us in rededicating ourselves to our shared vision, to forging on with our laudable, charitable projects, and to sustaining the economic, physical and sociological health of our Mbieri family. Please continue to extend your unflinching loyalty, trust and support to all Umu Mbieri through our national organization. Remember, there is Strength in Unity! Ogu ofo na ofo asato!
Ka Udo diri Umu Mbieri!