Tuesday Jan 19


High Chief Sir Franci .U. Ozuzu (Ugo-Obi)High Chief Sir Franci .U. Ozuzu (Ugo-Obi)

- “Political Agenda For Mbieri”. Being Text of an Address presented at the Mbieri  Conference 2007 By High Chief Sir Francis Ozuzu Bsc, ksc

 I salute you all and wish you all happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I thank you all for the opportunity given to me to address you on this all-important topic of producing a political agenda for Mbieri.
 Politics, I define as the power to allocate scarce resources amongst contending and alternatives uses. Though there is within the intellectual community an argument whether it is political determinism or economic determinism or economics determines political direction while the other contending that political considerations affect economic decisions. This argument, I better leave for the eggheads in our universities. For the purposes of this discussion, my definition of politics as the power to determine the allocation or to be at the center stage were economic decisions are being taken and executed, would suffice You may wish to note that within the context of Nigeria, such decisions are being made at 3 levels or tiers of government; the Federal, the State and the Local Government.

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