Tuesday Jan 19


Engr (Dr) Richard Ogbonna Ugorji Fnse

- A Speech Presented At The Mbieri, Conference 2007 Sponsored By Mbieiri Nwatuoke USA Inc. Holding on January, 1st and 2nd 2007 At The Mbieri Renaissance Club, Mbieri.

Mbieri, the most populous and commercial town in Mbaitoli LGA and traditionally referred to as Mbieri NWAOTUOKE- a reference to the common paternity of the 28 sons of Mbieri (Mbaeri) and alternately referred to as Mbieri ogu-ofo-na-ofo-asato connoting the sacred reference to the legendary origin of the town that in admired and envied by neighbours but still has a long way to go to attain the lofty idea of our fore-fathers.
Throug migrations and voluntary and sometime coaxed merging, the number of villages dwindled to the present 18 villages which had Mbieri divided politically into two main groups, Ezinihite and Amaike groups. Under Ezinihite group we have;

Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA , INC

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