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Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA, INC.

Last Updated: Monday, 15 July 2019 01:35 Published: 15 June 2018

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Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA Inc. is a non-profit national organization of all Mbierians in the USA, represented through our regional USA-based chapter organizations. These chapters are registered Mbieri organizations located in defined regions, whose members are Mbieri people and others interested in promoting the objectives of the national organization. Established in 2000, Mbieri Nwaotuoke USA Inc. is dedicated to advocating a unified, collective vision for the development of Mbieri, and facilitating the economic empowerment of Mbieri people in the USA and in our ancestral home, Mbieri, in Imo State, Nigeria. This national organization was founded on the belief that it is only through collective action from all Mbierians residing in the USA that we can successfully tackle the immense problems facing our people in Mbieri and the socio-economic problems of Mbierians here in the USA. Therefore, working with our chapter organizations, the national organization aims to:

  • Promote and coordinate those legal and lawful activities of Mbieri people and friends of Mbieri that are aimed at providing short-term and long-term solutions to alleviate drinking water problems, healthcare concerns, education, and other socio-economic problems facing Mbieri people; and
  • Encourage members to participate in positive community outreach programs in the USA.

Please feel free to browse through this website and contact us with any suggestions or questions you may have.

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